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“This was a terrific course. Camille is an inspirational speaker. I learned a great deal about historical racism I hadn't been aware of, as well as some behaviours I perform that I had not realised were racist, expressions I use, etc, that have racist roots. I have tools now to change that, and to challenge people around me.” -  Bronwen

“There is something for everyone to learn in this course, and I strongly encourage all professionals, regardless of career stage, to take this course! The Foundations of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace was helpful in providing new information and tools to dismantle systems of oppression in the workplace and in our daily lives. Camille made sensitive topics around inequities and systemic issues easy to discuss and offers many different approaches to moving past performative allyship and truly acting and operating in solidarity with marginalized communities. The downloadable resources really reinforced the key learning outcomes, and I liked that I can share them with others in my workplace as well. Plus, the scenarios are much more helpful than typical e-learning quizzes.” – Alexa

"So eye opening for me, I thought it was extremely valuable." - Belinda

"A wonderful educational experience with real life tips to use when needed. I took notes." - Teresa 

"I loved this program. I think it should be mandatory at every job, everywhere." - Daniel

"This program made me realize that as a person of colour, I've just been putting up with microaggressions instead of addressing them head on." - Tanya 

"I appreciated that the info was presented in a way that made me feel comfortable and started out where we are... not "guilty" of having white privilege, but knowing I can use that privilege to advocate for equity." - Linda 

"Amazing presentation and thought provoking commentary - so appreciated!" - Cynthia 

"This was excellent. Insightful, practical, and helpful. You have helped me see a clearer path for our organization." - Richard 


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